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According to the DWP 670,000 social housing tenants will be affected the new 'bedroom tax'. Entitledto for tenants has been created to help landlords inform tenants about how much they will lose and help them take action to avoid the benefit cut.

How Entitledto can help

Entitledto has created a range of online solutions to help tenants or advisers calculate how changes in benefit rules will affect them. These are updated automatically whenever legislation changes.

Entitledto can provide telephone advice lines to landlords, which can be either branded  as 'provided  by  Entitledto' or by the housing provider. We aslo provide training courses on the changing benefits scene.

Our clients

The calculator and options pages can be branded with your logo and the text is fully editable so you can tailor it to include local information and contacts. Below are examples of social housing landlords who are using our calculator:

Entitledto for tenants has been created by the UK's leading benefit calculation experts Entitledto

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